Concrete Cleaning

Is your driveway or walkway marred by dirty stains and grime? Our concrete cleaning service is here to the rescue! We’ll restore your concrete to its original pristine condition, removing and eliminating all sorts of organic bacteria from the surface, completely transforming your curb appeal! Trust our experts to revive your concrete areas efficiently and effectively. Concrete cleaning is vital for prolonging the surface lifespan, avoiding hazards, and preserving aesthetics. Your concrete deserves the best, and AB Superior wash delivers just that!

Benefits of Preventative Maintenance in Concrete Cleaning:
  • Lifespan Extension: Maintains surface integrity and functionality. 
  • Safety Enhancement: Mold and algae when wet, can be very slippery and cause many accidents. 
  • Structural Protection: when concrete is exposed to these organics for long periods of time, structural integrity is at risk. Mold produces an acid that degrades concrete. Slowly eating away at the concrete and leaving it more susceptible to damage. When maintenance is taken place, it prevents any of these issues from occurring and minimizes repair costs 
  • Aesthetic Preservation: Regularly cleaning your concrete doesn’t just safeguard and preserve the structural integrity of the surface- it also demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a well cared home space with an appealing look. 
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